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Wedding Invitations
Helium Tank Rental
Cupcake Stand/Cake Boxes/Decorations
Cake Boxes & Decoration
Clear Plates/cups/bowls
Baby Shower
Table Covers, etc
Mardi Gras
Rose Petals

Cupcake Stand/Cake Boxes

Cup Cake Stand

Elegant Cupcake Stand

The scallop-edged plates are
made of clear plastic material.

The hollow core can be filled with perlized 
shredded paper,  or pearls for better effect. 

 The stand is 18 inch tall. Use it as
Centerpiece as well as cupcakestand.

For 49 Cupcakes.

Larger Stands available


Cake Boxes of all sizes:
.Cupcake inserts for single, 4, 6, 12 and 24 cupcakes.
.Cake Pad and Circles in Gold and White.
.Food coloring, Fondant, sanding sugar, etc.


Chocolate Fountain

Rent it....

Guittard Melting Candies
with distinct color and flavor.
Melting does not affect Guittard candy melts  Color and Flaver .

Available in:
White Vanila, Green A'Peel, Red Vanila A'Peel,
Srawberry A'Peel,
Lemon A'Peel, Orange A'Peel,
Milk Chocolate, Mint A'Peel, Dark Chocolate.

Bag of 14 oz $3.95
2lbs Bag $7.50 

Cake Serving Set
Pearl Handle, Steel Blade
Black, Red, Chocolate, Baby Blue, Pink,
Yellow and Pastel Green.