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Sunday,   9:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.

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Number and Letter Balloons

* Large 34" Mylars available in Gold, Silver, Black, Red. Purple, Pink, and Blue
*Large 34" Letters are available in Gold. *14-inch letters and numbers available in Gold

Link Balloons, a New Way to Make a Beautiful Arch

Black Blue Red White Green

Make your own Arch. Easy and Fast. $9.50 Pack/50

Helium Tank

Fill and Rent

Size          Price
30CF        $32.50
55CF        $45.50
80CF        $64.50
110CF      $88.50
*Rentals Require Securtiy Deposit

PartyMart Carries a Complete Range of LATEX Balloons at Wholesale Price

Bag of 6 dozen Latex, $6.95
Mylars 18" and Up, $0.69
Uninflated, Min. 10
Seasonals and Regular Birthday

You will get the best service. Guaranteed.


Inflated Balloons:

Regular Latex

10 for $8.00
Available in White, Black, L/Blue, Lime Green, Kiwi, Royal, Lavender, Aqua, Orange, Vanilla, Apricot, Brown, and Kelly Green.

Animal Prints

Zebra, Leopard, Cheeta
Inflated:  $1.49

Metallic Colors

Gold, Silver, Deep Purple, Hunter Green, Red, Blue. 
Inflated: 10 for $9.00


Red, Saphire Blue, Emerald Green, Yellow, Clear Crystal, Purple, Black Onyx Crystal, Burgundy.

Pearl Colors

Magenta, Yellow, Lilac, Teal, PinkPeach Ivory, Light Blue, White, Seafoam, Green.
Pack of 72 for $9.95
Inflated: 10 for $9.00

18" Mylar, 1.00 and up, flat, wholesale. 
 Prices subject to change.

34 Inch Mylars, Numbers and Letters, $10.00
Available in Blue, Pink, Gold, Siver, Black, Purple, and Red.

Baby Shower: Baby Boy Blue, Baby Girl Pink

Happy Birthdays.

Number Balloon Letter Balloon Spotted Balloon