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Baby Shower

Gender Reveal

Boy or Girl?

Complete accessories available.

Large Gender Reveal Balloon $15.00

Make Your Own Baby Shower Favors

We have the candies, pouches, tubes, boxes, and we print ribbons to personalize it if you don't want to make it yourself, we make it for you.
We print Ribbons.

Safety Pin

Safety Pin

Pink or Blue
1 Dz/pack,  $4.50

Baby Shoes

Baby Shoes, Pink or Blue

3", One Dz/pack, $5.50

Sleeping Baby

Sleeping Baby, 3"

Boy or Girl, Black or White, $.65 ea.

Sleeping Babies, Black or White

Sleeping Babies, Black or White, in 2 Sizes

1.5" one Dz/pack, $2.79 
1" one Dz/pack, $1.50

Favor Baby Bottles

Favor Baby Bottles

Blue or Pink, 4.5" Tall, $5.50/Dz

Baby Shower Picks

Baby Shower Picks, Blue or Pink

11", $.65 ea.

Piggy Bank Baby Bottle

Piggy Bank Baby Bottle

13" High, $3.95 ea.

Pacifier Sizes in 3

Pacifier Sizes in 3

2.5" 1Dz/pack,  $3.50
1-10/16" 1Dz/pack,  $2.50
9/16" 1Dz/pack,  $1.25

Cake Decoration

Cake Decoration

$1.79 / set