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                        Cupcake Stands and Decorations
                                                 on Sale

                                                                           Excellent centerpiece
                                                              accomodates 39 standard cupcakes

                                                                                   on Sale   

Color Mists

Gold, Silver, Pearl, Pearl, Red, Pink and Blue. $4.45

Gold Mist Pearl Mist Color Mist Edible Sprays: Gold, Silver, Black, Hot Pink, Pink, Royal


Vanilla Extract$7.99
Pure Vanilla Extract

Pure Lemon Extract

Almond Extract$1.99
Pure Almond Extract

*Butter Flavor - $1.99
*Imitation Clear Vanilla - $1.99
*Peppermint Extract - $1.99

Dust Dust
Dust Dust: Gold, Silver, Yellow, Pink, Green, Red. $4.95
Decorator Icing

Cake Box
Cake Boxes
almost all sizes available.

Cupcake BoxSingle Cupcake  Holder 6.50/Dz

Curved Dish
Clear Cup

Dessert DishesClear Cup
Small 18/pk   $3.45
Large  12/pk  $3.45


12 cupcakes12 Cupcakes

6 cupcakes6 Cupcakes

Plastic Bags' Food Graded

in 4 Sizes.

Gold and Silver Ties


Wooden Sticks and Paper Stick for Apple and Candies

Wooden Stick, Candy Stick, Popcake Stick Not available

Guittard Melting Chocolates are in Stock

Food Grade

Plastic Bags 
4 size, 100 pcs/bag

$6.50 and up

*Cupcake Liners and Decorations


White Fresh

Candy Melts

12 Oz 4.95