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Cupcake Stands and Decorations

cupcake stand

Excellent centerpiece
accomodates 39 standard cupcakes

Color Mists

Gold, Silver, Pearl, Pearl, Red, Pink and Blue. $4.45

Gold Mist Pearl Mist Color Mist Edible Sprays: Gold, Silver, Black, Hot Pink, Pink, Royal


Vanilla Extract$7.99
Pure Vanilla Extract

Pure Lemon Extract

Almond Extract$1.99
Pure Almond Extract

*Butter Flavor - $1.99
*Imitation Clear Vanilla - $1.99
*Peppermint Extract - $1.99

Dust Dust
Dust Dust: Gold, Silver, Yellow, Pink, Green, Red. $4.95
Decorator Icing

Cake Box
Cake Boxes
almost all sizes available.

Cupcake BoxSingle Cupcake  Holder 6.50/Dz

Curved Dish
Clear Cup

Dessert DishesClear Cup
Small 18/pk   $3.45
Large  12/pk  $3.45


12 cupcakes12 Cupcakes

6 cupcakes6 Cupcakes

Plastic Bags' Food Graded

in 4 Sizes.

Gold and Silver Ties


Wooden Sticks and Paper Stick for Apple and Candies

Wooden Stick, Candy Stick, Popcake Stick

Guittard Melting Candies are in Stock

Food Grade

Plastic Bags 
4 size, 100 pcs/bag

$6.50 and up

*Cupcake Liners and Decorations


White Fresh

Candy Melts

12 Oz 4.95