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Prom Time
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                          we are here to help you make it
                                    the best of events
                                                        for your loved one.

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Big Party Pack 
                now on Sale:
Gold, Silver, Purple, Hot Pink, Red, Ivory, Black and Clear. 

10.25" Plates 50 ct              $9.75


7" Plates 50 ct  on Sale                       $4.75
7" Paper Plates 50ct on Sale              $3.95

Beverage Napkin 125 ct                     $5.50

Luncheon Napkin 125 ct                    6.65
Dinner Naplins 8 fold 50ct
              all colors available               5.85

Coordinated Colors
 Forks 100 ct                                         $7.75
Spoons 100 ct                                        7.75


Gold, Silver, Purple, Hot Pink, Red, Ivory
Royal, Black and Clear.

New cutlery 7" and 4" now available.
Please see page: Clear Plates/cups/bowls. 

Helium available NOW
Tank Rental
Please call ahead.

Wrist Bands

Control your party.
100 pcs/$9.50
in Purple, Gold, Lime, Yellow, Pink.

Large Rose Petals
400 in a pack

for more color go to Rose Petals Page


Melting Candy

Produced by  prestigious manufacturer

 >Vanila A'peel
         >Strawberry A'peel
  >Orange A'peel
          >Green Mint A'peel
         >Red Vanila A'peel
 >Lemon A'peel
         >Dark Green A'peel
     >Dark Chocolate
             flaveored A'peel
2 lbs tub/$8.25

This Cupcake Tier
holds 39 Regular cupcakes

Only $23.50